About Me

Hi! I'm Annie Lo. Concept artist, 2D Illustrator, and lover of shibes! Thanks for taking an interest in me and my site.

Let's start from the top; I've always loved drawing since I was a kid, but coming from a traditional family, my mom didn't see art as a stable career in it. With that in mind, I pursued a degree in the sciences after highschool; but even while at college I always found my self drawing in my free time. After graduating from University of British Columbia with a bachelor's degree in Life Science, I worked as a research/lab technician for about 4 years and found it was not the life for me. Realizing it was time to make a change, I thought back and tried to remember what I was truly passionate about. Remembering how much I enjoy drawing and illustration, I finally decided to take the plunge and take art seriously. Obtaining my diploma in Concept Art and Animation at Vancouver Film School in February 2018, my passion and love of art has only grown since. With a loving to learn and taking critique humbly so I can grow as an artist, I love to engage with clients and other artists to transform ideas into print.

I am currently a concept-artist/consultant at PeachPen Studios.